Docker Bday/Docker Compose/Dino apps deserve love too!

Wed, Mar 14, 2018, 6:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

For the Docker 101 session - we're diving into Docker Compose! We'll talk about the Docker Compose file syntax and then dive into multi-service applications (app, db, etc.).  This will also get us started talking about container networking, which has a LOT of advantages (including service discovery, network isolation, and more).

Intermission - we'll have some food and, to celebrate Docker's 5th Birthday, we're going to have cake!

For the advanced session - we're going to hear from Michael Irwin on how "dino apps" (legacy/monolithic apps) should also receive container attention. Often, Docker is associated with microservices or other brand new applications.  While that's true, what about all of the apps we already have?  So, we'll talk about how to migrate an app, how it can be fully tested, and how making updates to the app are MUCH easier once containerized.  Oh!  And we'll do all of this without changing a single line of code in the app itself.

Location - we will be meeting at Modea HQ. The Modea office is located in downtown Blacksburg in Kent Square. The best places to park are in the Kent Square Parking garage or on Draper Road (parking is free on Draper after 5:00 PM, and $1/hour in the garage). If you park in the garage, come down to the first floor of Kent Square to the lobby, and the office is located there. If parking on the street, enter Kent Square from either the Main Street or Washington Street entrance. All attendees will need to sign-in on the iPad located outside the office, and can enter "Brian Walter" as the contact person.


Michael Irwin

Michael Irwin

Virginia Tech

Michael Irwin is an Application Architect at Virginia Tech who is striving to modernize how software is developed and run on campus by driving the adoption of Docker-based workloads, CI/CD pipelines, the public cloud, single-page applications, and more. He is also a recognized Docker Captain and Community Leader, so works hard to both share his expertise and learn from others.

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Wednesday, Mar 14
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (EDT)


Modea HQ
117 Washington St SW Blacksburg24060

Community Leaders

  • Michael Irwin

    Michael Irwin

    Virginia Tech

    Community Leader

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  • Russell Fenn

    Russell Fenn

    Virginia Tech

    Web and Infrastructure Team Leader

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