Docker on AWS ECS

Jan. 11, 2017, 6 p.m.

About this event

We've talked about running Docker with Swarm, so time to move on to our next orchestration platform... Amazon's EC2 Container Service (ECS)!  We'll learn the terminology, how to create clusters, how to deploy containers, and how to update containers.

Even if you're brand new to AWS, no worries!  We'll explain everything along the way!


• Overview/Discussion

• Hands-on - actually build and deploy a application!

Do you need an AWS account?  In order to the hands-on lab, yes.  You are welcome to use an existing account or create a new account (everything we do will fall within the free tier).  If that doesn't work, let Michael Irwin know and we'll arrange something else!


Jan. 11, 2017
6 p.m. - 8 p.m.


Rackspace Rally Room
1691 Innovation Drive BlacksburgUS

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Michael Irwin

Michael Irwin

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Russell Fenn

Russell Fenn

Virginia Tech

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