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Swarm vs. Kubernetes

Wednesday, July 17 – 10am PDT / 1pm EDT

Container orchestration has become the modern IT panacea to modernize both legacy platforms and streamline future development initiatives. The last five years have shown significant growth in community-driven orchestrators and maturity of enterprise container platforms that build upon them. Docker Swarm and Kubernetes, both available in Docker Enterprise, individually provide significant value to growing and modernizing IT organizations.

In this webinar, Will Kinard, CTO at BoxBoat, will provide customer case studies of both Swarm and Kubernetes implementations that provided the quickest path to moving code faster and operating more efficiently. This webinar will also cover:

  • A brief introduction to Docker containerization
  • An overview of container orchestration and an architecture comparison of Swarm and Kubernetes
  • Customer orchestration use cases by platform

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One Mean CI/CD Docker Demo

Thursday, July 25 – 11am PDT / 2pm EDT

Docker containers support CI/CD implementation by allowing developers to build code collaboratively through the sharing of images while simplifying deployment to different infrastructure. 

Join this webinar to get a basic understanding of CI/CD architecture, pipeline, and flow as it applies to container technologies built on Docker. We’ll review:

  • The concepts associated with the fully integrated pipeline
  • Key principles of design and architecture of CI/CD as it relates to DevOps and how Docker containerization enhances SDLC
  • A demo built on Docker container technologies, leveraging freely available building blocks for the pipeline

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On-Demand Webinars:

CaaS Security in Production: From Zero to Hero

Security is at the forefront of everyone’s mind when they implement something new and container platforms are no different. You can increase the security of your applications with Docker Enterprise and in this webinar we will review:

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From Swarm to Kubernetes and Back Again

Companies across every industry are rapidly realizing the value of microservices, and the solutioning conducted in support of that revelation often leads to containers. Along that path comes a decision that most IT engineers in this space are familiar with: What orchestrator do we use?

In this webinar, Don Bauer, Lead DevOps Engineer, and Mike Noe, Senior DevOps Engineer at Citizens Bank, will walk you through some of the key crossroads that are often encountered when making this decision. Additionally, they'll cover:

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Jireh Semiconductor's Journey to Modernizing 15+ Year Old Apps

When Jeanie Schwenk, Scrum Master and Software Engineer, started her adventure at Jireh Semiconductor in 2016, she had one primary charter – modernize the existing 230+ applications that were over 15 years old and still running on discontinued servers.

Join us for a webinar to learn about Jireh Semiconductor’s IT transformation journey. You’ll hear best practices from Jeanie, as well as:

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Docker for Windows Container Development

Join the experts to learn how to develop your first .NET/.NET Core application with ASP.NET Core and Docker. You'll leave with the tools you need to Docker-enable your .NET workloads, as well as the understanding of:

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What's New in Docker Enterprise 3.0

Join us for this webinar to learn about what's new in the upcoming Docker Enterprise 3.0, including:

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What's New in Kubernetes Storage

This session will help practitioners navigate database containerization with Kubernetes and Docker with tips from Docker experts and lessons in how to avoid some of the major pitfalls that can occur. We'll cover: 

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How Docker Simplifies Kubernetes for the Masses

Join this webinar to find out how Docker makes runnning and managing Kuberenetes easy. In this webinar, we'll cover:

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Docker for the Enterprise Webinar Series

Join us for this 6-part webinar led by Oliver Pomeroy, Solution Engineering at Docker, where we explain the basics of the Docker Enterprise and how a container platform can help businesses improve efficiencies, reduce costs and drive innovation across the enterprise. Topics to be covered include:

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Docker and Forrester: A Guide to Adopting Enterprise Container Platforms

Join us with guest speaker from Forrester, Dave Bartoletti, as we dive into the state of the container platform market with insights into:

  • The state of the cloud and container platform markets heading into 2019: what’s driving all this digital transformation?

  • The rise of the enterprise container platform market and the core capabilities enterprises look for in their next development and operations platform

  • How to evaluate the market for enterprise container platforms and find the best solution to help you create new applications and modernize your key existing applications

  • Why we believe Docker Enterprise has been named a Leader in the enterprise container platform market

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Docker Enterprise: The Next Leap Forward for Windows Server Applications

Containers deliver value to applications of all types - from traditional, monolithic apps to microservices and new innovative areas like data science, AI/ML and Edge computing. These benefits are not limited to Linux applications as Windows Server applications continue to represent about half of enterprise applications out there. In this webinar, we'll preview some new technology and solutions from Docker that helps bring Windows Server applications to the forefront of container strategies. We'll highlight new capabilities in Docker Enterprise and new ways to help organizations containerize and modernize their Windows application portfolio. 


Franklin American's Innovation Journey: Adopting DevOps Culture in a Modern Enterprise 

Franklin American Mortgage, a Citizens company, set their sights on creating a culture that promotes fast-fail, atomic workloads for rapid development, testing, and release cycles. This metamorphosis began with setting behavior expectations and implementing Docker Enterprise. By utilizing the container platform as the underpinning for its software development lifecycle, Franklin American Mortgage is able to quickly, and automatically create the environments and resources we need at will. That change in turn promoted the desired culture of tackling work at the most atomic level.

In this webinar, you'll hear from the DevOps team at Franklin American and learn how to:
- Create a DevOps culture in an otherwise traditional industry
- Accelerate innovation with continuous delivery and a modern toolset
- Establish a secure software build workflow, all the way from development to production. 

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Docker Webinar with Guest Speaker from IDC: Containers in Production. What's Driving Enterprise Adoption of the Container Platform

Containers have evolved into a transformative technology for application development and portability, but containers alone are not sufficient for meeting today’s enterprise requirements. In IDC’s 2018 Container Infrastructure Survey, over 76% of enterprises surveyed stated they use containers in production for mission critical apps with 83% of container deployers using containers on multiple public clouds. In this webinar, Docker and guest speaker IDC Research Manager Gary Chen will discuss why companies are turning to container platforms to support increasingly diverse IT environments, bolster security and governance, and power digital transformation initiatives - from cloud migration and application modernization to microservices.

Join Docker and guest speaker from IDC, Gary Chen, who will be sharing container adoption trends from his 2018 Container Infrastructure Survey, to dive deeper into:

  • What types of applications enterprises are containerizing and where these applications are being deployed
  • How key drivers and benefits, like security and improved operations, are driving enterprise adoption of container solutions
  • What companies should consider when evaluating container solutions
  • Why enterprises need a container platform to operate containers at scale and address increasingly diverse IT environments

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Windows Server Upgrade Series 1: Sunset of Windows Server 2008: Migrate with Docker

The coming end-of-support for Windows Server 2008 leaves IT organizations with a few viable options to receive security updates beyond the cut-off date of January 14, 2020. Upgrading will be no small feat as roughly 70% of enterprise Windows applications run on Windows Server 2008 or earlier versions*.

Attend this webinar to learn how Docker can help you meet migration deadlines by providing a validated methodology for containerizing legacy Windows applications, quickly. The combination of the Docker Enterprise container platform and purpose-built tools, allow you to upgrade and improve application security and reliability; all while cutting costs by up to 50%.

Windows Server Upgrade Series 2: Bringing Modern Security to Legacy Windows Apps with Docker

Docker Enterprise Edition gives you new ways to secure your application delivery. You can scan your application images for known vulnerabilities, and define promotion policies to ensure apps only make it to production if they meet your criteria. You can also digitally sign images and set up your cluster so it will only run containers if the images are signed._

Join us for this live webinar to see how the secure software supply chain in Docker Enterprise Edition works with Windows apps. We'll take an old ASP.NET WebForms app and a new .NET Core web API and deploy them securely to the Docker platform. You'll learn how to secure every step of your delivery pipeline, and see how it works with old and new Windows applications - with no code changes.

Windows Server Upgrades Series 3: Understand the Secure Software Supply Chain with Docker Windows Containers

Operating systems like Windows Server 2003 and 2008, which were once trusted building blocks for critical applications, are now potential liabilities as time goes on and maintenance comes to an end and can open organizations to unnecessary security risks that are difficult to fix. Combined with an evolving threatscape with new application and cloud architectures, how can you ensure that your organization is protected from the full gamut of application security pitfalls? 

Attend this webinar to learn why organizations are turning to containers with the Docker Enterprise container platform to migrate their legacy applications to Windows Server 2016. This powerful combination enables organizations to both quickly migrate and reduce the risk profile of their legacy Windows Server application portfolio, and at the same time accelerates delivery of safer modern applications.

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Windows Server Upgrade Series 4: How Docker Gets your apps off Windows 2003 and into the Cloud 

You can run any kind of server application in a Windows Docker container. The app doesn't need to be new, and you don't need to change any code to run it inside a container. In this webinar, you'll see how to take an app which is manually deployed onto Windows Server 2003, and migrate it to Docker. Then you can run the app in a container on Windows Server 2016 on bare metal or a VM in the datacenter, or in any cloud. And developers can run the exact same version of the app using Docker for Windows on their Windows 10 laptops.