Bret Fisher, Docker Captain, Training at Velocity London

Docker Captain Bret Fisher will be doing a 2-day training at O'Reilly's Velocity conference in London October 30-31.

Velocity offers in-person, two-day training courses led by expert practitioners. It's limited to fewer than 75 people, which allows for a more personal learning experience and direct instructor interaction.

Bret's training, Docker Zero to Hero: Docker, Compose and Production Swarm, is a beginner level course specifically for Developers, DevOps and CI/CD engineers, and Ops Sysadmins. Get onboard fast with an end-to-end workshop. Start with the "why" of Docker, then create images, containers and more. Dive into Docker Compose, the developers best friend! Then gain DevOps skills spending a whole day deploying multi-tier apps on server clusters with Swarm and other popular tools.


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