Cloud Expo Asia 2018

10 - 11 October, 2018  |  SINGAPORE 

Cloud Expo Asia 2018

Asia’s biggest, best attended and multi award-winning cloud and digital transformation show returns on 10th and 11th October at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore! 

Come and meet the team in DevOps Live, Pod (DL6) or see us at the following sessions: 

DevOps Live theatre 

Docker Enterprise - Containerization in Action

Making a container platform choice does not have to be difficult. Join this Docker-led workshop and see how Dev and Ops teams are accelerating their digital and multi-cloud initiatives with Docker Enterprise Edition (EE). You will see how Docker Enterprise uniquely eliminates risk by addressing key container platform questions including: how to avoid technology or infrastructure lock-in, how to get applications to market faster and lower IT costs, how to get greater application protection and improve governance - without sacrificing performance nor agility.

DevOps, Containers, Open Cloud Software Architecture Theatre

Using Docker Enterprise Edition in a CI/CD workflow

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) workflows and DevOps practices enable organizations to develop and deploy code faster and more regularly. Docker Enterprise Edition, the enterprise-ready container platform, supports the broadest set of applications across different infrastructure platforms. It integrates with your preferred CI tools, like GitLab, to build, ship, and run containerized applications at speed and at pace.

PLUS! AN EXCLUSIVE CHANCE TO ATTEND A 2 HOUR MTA PROGRAMME - Modernizing Traditional Applications with Docker: From PoC to Production

A proof of concept is a great way to see if your traditional applications are worth Dockerizing. However, getting that first application into production in an enterprise can pose many challenges, both technical and organizational. 

In this session you are taken through the journey starting with high-level decisions such as what applications and components to Dockerize and methodology, then move on to more detailed decisions such as what components to put in images, configuration management, and version control.

We also discuss how this impacts the development pipeline and strategies for operationalizing and scaling out the application onboarding process and some of the specific considerations for modernizing both Linux and Windows environments to accelerate transitioning existing applications to the Docker platform.

This is a unique opportunity to learn how to put together a framework and methodology that will allow you to move forward with your more traditional structures. 

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