Docker at ITPROUD in Belgium - March 14

ITPROUD is a new - free! - event in Belgium, aimed at IT Professionals who work in the Microsoft stack. Elton Stoneman from Docker will be there on March 14, 2018 presenting a session on migrating existing Windows apps to Docker and running them in the cloud.

Power Your Move to Azure with Docker

Docker isn't just for greenfield .NET Core apps running in Linux containers. You can take existing full .NET Framework apps and package them to run in Docker - without changing any source code. That package is called a Docker Image, and it's a portable unit that contains your whole application stack, ready to run in a container.

Packaging apps in Docker is a great way to make the move to Azure. You can quickly build out your components as a set of images, and run them in containers locally to verify the solution works. Then you can spin up a Docker cluster in Azure, and deploy your app using the exact same Docker artifacts that you use in dev.

In this session I'll take an n-tier .NET application, write some Dockerfiles to package the components as Docker images, and a Docker Compose file which describes the whole solution. I'll run the app on my laptop, and then create a Docker Swarm in Azure and deploy the app without making any changes.


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