Ajeet Raina

  • Collabnix, Docker Bangalore Meetup Organizer, Docker Captain, Developer Relations Manager, Redis Labs
  • Bengaluru
  • Computer & Network Security
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About Me

Ajeet Singh Raina is a Docker Captain and ARM Innovator. He is currently working as Developer Relations Manager in Redis Labs. He is a Docker Community Leader for Docker Bangalore, the largest Docker meetup in the world (with nearly 12,000+ members)! He founded Collabnix, a website for his blogs and co-founded IoET Planet, a platform to drive collaboration around events, projects, and a variety of other community-driven activities.  Ajeet is a prolific blogger who has written 200+ blogs around Docker, Kubernetes, and Cloud related topics, and his blogs attract roughly 14 million visitors per year (wow!). While managing multiple websites, hosting events, and frequently releasing blogs, Ajeet also runs the Collabnix Slack channel. This channel has over 4900+ community members, and does a great job at keeping the community active and engaged between these various activities.