Pablo Chico de Guzman

  • Madrid
  • Computer Software
Startups · cloud · Docker · Docker Compose · Open source software · kubernetes · devops · Continuous Deployment · AWS · Continuous Integration · automation

About Me

Software Engineer specialized in Docker, Cloud Computing, DevOps and backend implementations. I am currently working @Docker in the Docker Cloud project (formerly Tutum), a container platform to take full advantage of the amazing technology that are Docker containers. I also worked @ ElasticBox, a PaaS company aiming at developing an integrated solution for automated provisioning and orchestration of applications in multi-cloud environments. Prior to that, I completed my Ph.D. @ School of Computer Science, Technical University of Madrid in Spain. The focus of my dissertation was on parallel computation and advanced compilation techniques in order to allow more declarative programming techniques. My dissertation was completed while researching @ IMDEA Software, an international heading research institute in software verification.